Bonjour Tristan is a language education company providing both online lessons for individuals and businesses and editing educational material. (Textbooks, video courses, etc…). Our method value active learning (the student must produce, use the language as much as possible. Emphasis on oral production.) and creating a relax and enjoyable atmosphere during the lesson to achieve fast progress.

  • Based in Asia since 2011 (Singapore timezone)
  • Lessons worldwide
  • Expert in French and Japanese language education
  • Efficient method based on students needs and goals (focus on communication)
  • Develop specialized educational material (Textbooks, videos, courses …)
  • Private lessons for individuals and businesses
  • Excellent learners reviews
  • Cultural insights: because we believe that understanding the culture is a part of the language learning journey

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Students Reviews

Mizu (Japan)

I had a nice conversation with him on the lesson. He is kind and he speaks clearly. It’s good for learners. 感じの良い先生です。聞き取りやすく話してくれるので、学習者にとって分かりやすいと思います。私はフランス語のみでのレッスンを希望していたので、先生の日本語は聞きませんでしたが、簡単な日本語での説明もできるようです。

Sara (Hong Kong)
I suddenly found my girl can speak much more French in class, thank you!
Kitty Boles (USA)

Tristan is a fabulous teacher. I am learning so much from him about the
French language and French culture. I adore our lessons.

Charles Takeda (Japan)

Mon fils aime pratiquer le français avec vous, même s’il préfère
généralement ne pas étudier du tout ! Un grand merci pour vos conseils
amusants et efficaces!

Aika (Japan)


Maria (Romania)

I need to learn to speak french fluently and Tristan is patiently
helping me achieve that goal. We focus a lot on speaking and oral
practice of the language, and Tristan allows me to make my own mistakes
and then corrects me or gives me alternatives to what I want to say,
which is exactly the dynamic I need.

Maki (Japan)


Risa (Japan)

He was really supportive. In our conversation he adjusted me the talking speed, so I didn’t get lost and got motivated!

Maico (Japan)

He was nice and easy to talk. It was good for me that he took time to explain.

Ralph (Irland)

J’ai beaucoup apprécié ce premier cours de littérature française avec
Tristan où on a étudié la belle chantefable d’Aucassin et Nicolette.
Avec une passion pour la littérature mais n’ayant jamais pu l’étudier
formellement, ce formidable cours initial a aiguisé encore plus mon
désir de me plonger dans le bel univers de la littérature francophone!

Seina (Japan)

He was kind and patient. My daughter was shy in his first class but he kept encouraging her and she enjoyed his lesson a lot.

Rachel (Korea)

It was great lesson. Thank you!

Sarah (US)

First class for my kid, Mr.Toriaezu is patient and encouraging who
manages a delight class atmosphere which is definitely a plus for young
kid. So my girl , though a beginner, is very comfortable to express
herself in class. Thank you very much!

Chris (US)

Tristan is a great teacher and an excellent listener, a calm and patient presence as I nervously fumbled my way through a language that I haven’t used for a decade and a half, providing precisely the information and aid I needed when I asked for it, but allowing me to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Very well done!

Miomio (China)


Moe (Japan)


Yurie (Japan)

Vous êtes toujours gentil et m’apprît beaucoup malgré mon mauvaise compréhension.
Merci beaucoup. ありがとうございました^^

Satomi (Japan)


Moemi (Japan)

Though I’m beginner and I can’t understand anything, he is so kind, and he teach politely. I want to study more from today!

Yuri (Japan)

He is very flexible and thinks seriously what I really need. It’s always fun and fruitful to have his lesson.

Edward (UK)

Excellent as usual, feel very comfortable with his teaching style and learning a lot

Louis (USA)

He was great very attentive when trying to pronounce the alphabet. I had
a trial very impressed looking forward for more lessons! I recommend.

Yuichi (Japan)


Jee (Korea)

He led the class atmosphere with great fun and consideration. We learned
basic expressions today, and his textbooks were very systematic and
professional. I was very grateful that he encouraged the student’s
confidence and was happy to receive feedback while talking in a
comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend him !

Shiga (Japan)


Inoue (Japan)


Rie (Japan)


Nayoon (Korea)

친절하시고 처음부터 잘 알려주셔서 만족스럽다. 조만간 정규 수업으로 결제하여 같이 수업을 듣고 싶다.

Maki (Japan)

C’était un bon moment avec Tristan. Il est très sympa, gentil, et il attend pendant que je réfléchis. A bientôt. 😉

Merixtell (Germany)


Erina (Japan)

Merci beaucoup!

Saki (Japan)

Fantastic! 楽しい授業でした。

Galina (Russia)

It was great, merci beaucoup 🙂

Joanne (UK)

Thank you for your patience. I really enjoyed the lesson. Merci beaucoup!

Mika (Japan)

I will review your lesson and do homework. Merci beaucoup !!

Yulina (Japan/Taiwan)

M. Tristan est un prof très patient et gentil. J’espère que je peux améliorer mon français petit à petit avec lui. Merci !

Moana (China)

Toriaezu is an exceptional prof. It was a pleasure to chat with him. And
I’m looking forward to practising with him more soon. Also, I made a
mistake when I booked the session and booked the wrong time slot but
Toriaezu was very flexible and he immediately rescheduled the time with

Rie (Japan)

トリアズ先生の授業は、文法や文章の組み立てかたも教えてもらえます。 フランス語のフレーズを教えてもらったので早速会話に使ってみたいです。テスト対策もしてもらえるのでおすすめです。

日本語で説明を聞くこともできるので、心強いです。 私はフランス語がなかなか上達しなくて悩んでいましたが、今日初めて彼のクラスを受けて本当によかったと思います。

Maru (Japan)

Merci beaucoup!

Riu (Japan)


Fatima (Lebanon)

I have taken several classes with Torieazu so far. Very enjoyable and I always look forward to them! He was able to assess my level from the start and get me to read and speak in every session. The class environment is always calming and he is always patient and interactive throughout.