About Us

You want to practice French, or improve your language skills.
Let me tell you the story of “Bonjour Tristan!”.
I decided to create my online school during the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted to create a place where you can learn a language in a relaxed, stress-free, tie-free, but effective way.
After more than ten years working as a French teacher in several schools and for several organizations, I decided to become independent. More about me here

The creation of my own online language school is an opportunity for me to do things a little differently. It’s an opportunity to develop courses that meet the students’ expectations and demands, but can also broaden their general culture and knowledge of France, beyond the linguistic aspect. This is why I have French literature courses for the most advanced students in addition to the more traditional courses. I can also prepare the immigration exam for students who want to study in France.

As a small independent school, as an independent teacher, I can also develop a relationship of trust with the students. No changes, no incessant teachers, no problems of continuity in the methods used, and a pedagogical flexibility that larger schools or sites cannot afford.

Of course in return I can only accept a limited number of students. To partly answer this problem, I have launched online group classes (where we practice conversation in French). To my knowledge I am the first to do this, a world exclusive!

Being independent also allows me to use communication tools like Wechat for Chinese students who don’t necessarily have access to Skype or Zoom. So that everyone can study whatever their country of origin.

The prices: I try to offer a fair price considering my experience in teaching French (and if we compare with the prices of the Alliances françaises). I refuse the cheap lessons offered by some sites. This practice of underpaying the teacher is in my opinion a lack of respect for serious people who work and have to pay their bills, and it only leads to poor quality lessons for students, teachers who change often etc…

I also offer online courses, with videos, quizzes and audio files for those who want to work outside the lessons, or prepare an exam by themselves. I am constantly working to increase the amount of courses available (if you want to see what the courses look like, some of them are available for free, just register on the site).

That’s it for the presentation, now all you have to do is book a lesson: