How to book a lesson (step by step guide)

how to book a lesson

You want to book a lesson but you don’t know how to do it. This guide is here for you.

First of all congratulations! Purchasing a class is the first step on your learning journey! Ok let’s start the step by step guide:

Go on the Bonjourtristan website:

When you arrive n the website, You will see this page. Now look at the top menu and click on “book a lesson”. You will arrive on the next page.

Lessons list

On this page you can see a list of the different lessons type I provide. For the example (and because it is the best seller) I will purchase the lesson pack. 10 lessons at a reduced price. Click on the 10 lessons page.

Lesson description

Now you arrive on this page, you can see a short description of the lesson. To buy it click on “add to cart”.

Once this is done you will see a message on top, and an option to view your cart and proceed to checkout. It will look like that:

Ok, good job, now time to click the checkout button.

Checkout page

Ok it is the last step. Enter your name, email and address as it is mandatory for legal purpose. Don’t worry I will never use it, it’s only for the system to work. Then choose your payment method:

Paypal, stripe (if you want to use a credit card or apple pay), Alipay or Wechat pay (I am waiting for wechat pay authorization at the moment, but hopefully it will be available soon. If it doesn”t work choose another payment methode, thank you.) For the example, I choosed Alipay.

You are redirected to the Alipay website and just have to scan the QR code to pay.

If you pay by card you only have to enter your card number once you selected stripe:

Thank you and see you soon for the lesson.

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