The passive in French


The passive in French is used to emphasize the object of the verb instead of the subject.
The passive is usually used to describe an event that was experienced, or an invention/discovery.


The passive in French is formed with: “être + past participle + par”.
The verb to be can be put in the present, past or future tense.

For example:

In the case of an action suffered:
Present tense: A man was assaulted
Past tense: A man was assaulted
Future tense: A man will be assaulted

In the case of an invention/discovery:
Present tense: My French lessons are discovered by the students
Past tense: My French lessons were discovered by the students
Future tense: My French lessons will be discovered by the students


-“Par” is never followed by a pronoun, we do not say: “par moi’, par lui etc…”

*Explanation video on Youtube (the video will not be available forever, it will later be part of a paid grammar course.)

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