How to form a question in French?

There are 2 ways of asking a question in French.

By inverting the Subject is the verb:

Aimez-vous le chocolat?
Do you like chocolate?

Or by using “est-ce que”

Est-ce que vous aimez le chocolat?
Do you like chocolate?

Some people will tell you about language registers but in practice there is no difference between the two, you can use the construction that seems simplest to you.
For these simple questions you can only answer “yes” or “no

Est-ce que vous aimez le chocolat?

Do you like chocolate?

-Oui, j’aime le chocolat.
-Yes, I like chocolate.

-Non, je n’aime pas le chocolat.
-No, I don’t like chocolate.

Interrogative words

To construct a question you can use interrogative words and pair them with one of the two forms above.

Où – Where (a place)

partez-vous en vacances?

Je pars en vacances en France.

Where are you going on holiday?
I’m going on holiday to France.

Quand? – When

Quand est ce que vous allez prendre une leçon de français?

La semaine prochaine, je vous contacte après la video.

When are you going to have a French lesson?
Next week, I will contact you after the video.

Comment? – How

Comment allez-vous au travail?

J’y vais en train.

How do you get to work?
I go by train.

Combien? – How many/much

Combien coûte ce sac?

125 euros.

How much does this bag cost?
125 euros.

Pourquoi – Why (the cause/purpose)

Pourquoi allez vous à Paris?

J’y vais pour les vacances

Why are you going to Paris?
I’m going there for a holiday

Qui –Who (person)

Qui va aller à la plage?

C’est moi!

Who is going to the beach?
I am!

Que –What?

Qu‘est ce que vous cherchez?

Je cherche mes clefs!

What are you looking for?
I’m looking for my keys!

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