How to master “futur simple” future tense in French?

The simple future tense is the main future tense in French.
It is used to talk about your plans or make predictions for the future.

How form the future?

The simple future tense is formed from the infinitive of the verb. You just have to add the following endings to the infinitive to get the simple future tense.
Ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont

For example for the verb to eat (manger):

Je mangerai

tu mangeras

il mangera

nous mangerons

vous mangerez,

ils mangeront

Same thing for 2nd group verbs like “finir”:

Je finirai

tu finiras

il finira

nous finirons

vous finirez

ils finiront

As usual you have to be careful with irregular verbs, especially “avoir”, “être”, “faire” and “aller” which become:


Je serai

Je ferai


When to use the future simple in French

To talk about your plans:

Quand j’habiterai en France, je parlerai français tous les jours.

To make predictions:

Tu as regardé le dernier épisode sur Netflix?

-Je suis sûr que le prochain sera passionant.

You can check my explanation in video, and contact me for a private lesson

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